Azores a place for all desires

Travelling to The Azores is like travelling to mysterious, captivating and magical islands, nourished with the myth of Atlantis, stories of pirates and sunken galleons, rocked to the rhythm of the whales and a wild, preserved and exuberant nature.

Archipels, the art of doing nothing

Faial is a timeless place, isolated, dominated by the natural elements. Let yourself be enchanted by the sea which resonates on the cliffs, wild forest nearby, river roaring after a storm or the cry of “cagarres” (these protected birds that come out at certain hour of the night and laugh at men).

Archipels, water in all shapes

00097Swimming in the ocean warmed by the gulf stream, beaches, natural pools and leisure centers.
Incredible discoveries around the island, some large beaches and a lot of small, protected little beaches, almost black sand, dominated by the cliffs; accessible only by foot for some and never overcrowded.
Natural thermalism in beneficial warm water at Furnas, Ribeira Grande and Ferraria.

Archipels, a paradise for hikers

You are in garden island, volcanic landforms and very mild subtropical climate. Alone or in a group you can practice hiking at all levels. Well marked hiking trails with several routes available and others being prepared. Coasts and cliffs, lakes, forests, a unique atmosphere on uncrowded paths.
From Faial, we can prepare hikes in all directions for 8 days of discovery.