At Archipels we’re not claiming any movement but we are coincident about the impact that our way of life has upon the environment.  We claim a constructive approach in the long run based on exchanges and collective contributions/ reflexions.

The house is somehow atypical but nonetheless integrated to the village.  It’s a place of meeting that adds a certain dynamic to the village. It’s a place open to new ideas, projects and people that we are trying to make it accessible to different kind of people and groups.

We contribute to information about the environment in our modest documentation center, but also this year we are proposing to our visitors to participate in a concrete activity regarding the protection of the local biodiversity.

In our big garden we apply only natural methods and in the guest house we are progressively adopting a low-energy approach and a more efficient solid waste management.  We are proudly using:

  • Solar shower and dry toilets;
  • Hot water and heating with solar panels installed in 2011;
  • Limitation of the waste, selection and recycling with a reduction of the use of polluting products; and take our advice for it, don’t come with your shower products but use rather a good homemade soap!!!

For our guests we give priority to activities that have a minimum impact on the environment: outdoors activities, trekking and hiking, carshring, the use of public transportation, getting into contact with environmental associations active on the island. And for those who want at Achipels, on the way to the garden, in the local cafés, at Helen’s or at the “portnouf” you can get in contact with some elements of the Azorean lifestyle and culture.

It’s for this reasons that this chapter is called “ecotourism”.

But rather than tourists we prefer to say that we host curious and considerate travelers and visitors.