Good reasons for coming to the Azores

You’ve just discovered that The Azores is not only the name of an anticyclone, but the name of an archipelago of nine islands. Which one to chose? You don’t have to choose but just close your eyes and point your finger on the map, each one of the islands has a specific, mysterious and touching character.

And after all the important thing is not how many islands and places you’ve visited, but the quality of the moments and sensations experienced. If you know how to approach them, these islands will give you a bit of their magic, of their mystery and their beauty and will fulfill your dreams.

Some good reason for coming to Sao Miguel

Almost the whole variety of landscapes can be found on Sao Miguel, alternating romantic and wild landscapes and a succession of exceptional places:

  • The most beautiful lakes of the archipelago are Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo and Lagoa das Furnas;
  • The big volcanic sierras of Lombadas region and Tronqueira;
  • The islets of Vila Franca and Formigas;
  • Furnas, a village set in an enormous volcanic crater with its gardens, caldeiras and thermal waters, also cold, hot or bubbling springs, ferruginous or sulfurous waters; and not forgetting ‘cozido’, a typical dish cooked over 6 hours using heat of the volcano; You will have noticed that we are very fond of this wonderful place!
  • The steep coast lines that offer wonderful views of the sea and often host small isolated villages;
  • Places where you can enjoy thermal waters are: Furnas, Ferraria, Caldeira Velha, only Graciosa is the other island that offers this possibility;
  • Even some secret places, like caves or fajas down by the shore, but we’ll let you discover them all by yourselves!

Sao Miguel has a lot of sea activities to offer:

  • Amazing marine biodiversity to discover by scuba diving or snorkeling;
  • Numerous bathing areas and natural swimming pools;
  • Suitable beaches for surfing on the North coast, the most famous one being Santa Barbara in the Ribeira Grande district;
  • A diversify of trekking and hiking paths;
  • A well known meeting point for skydivers;  held here annually in August;
  • Important botanical, ornithological and geological places to be discovered.

For the lazy ones: choose a place that you like the most and go back every day. Each day you’ll have a different perspective. Here, the sky, the air, the light, the clouds and the wind form ever changing landscapes.


  • A well organized database of the flora, fauna and geology of the Azores
  • Site of the Portuguese league of bird protections, take a look at the program “Life Priolo”  that’s held in Sierra da Tronqueira, nearby Faial da Terra
  • Friends of the Azores – ecological organization
  • The flora of the Azores


  • All bus schedules in Sao Miguel
  • 7LOMBAS – Rent a car company
  • ATLANTICOLINE – ferryboats for all the islands in the archipelago
  • SATA – flight company islands-continents and inter-islands
  • TAP – the national Portuguese flight company


  • A magnificent  view of Faial da Terra from the sky-diving association  of Sao Miguel

Books we love

  • Homework: Houses to build by Lloyd Kahn – ed. Parenthèses
  • Fernando Pessoa
  • The gardens of Findhorn
  • Masanobu Fukuoka –  The Road Back to Nature – Regaining the Paradise Lost