House life

Life of the house

Our association ”archipels” was very active when we were still living in France. Now it basically works when we have specific projects with partnerships.

A french status association is not  operational in the Azores and now we develop projects with local associations and informal groups.

Since several years we are working on:

  • An organic orchard and a seed bank,
  • A library and documentation about Azores,
  • International volunteering : wwoof and gardeners exchanges,
  • Cultural activities : exhibitions, concerts
  • Participation in local life,
  • Artist residencies

Orchard and bank seeds

We work as much as possible with local seeds, ancient species and our own seeds.

If you produce your seeds, if you have unused seeds, if you want us to discover a plant, even if it is very little we will gladly exchange, sowing. (Note the origin of the seeds and harvest date .)


For a long time we decided to create an international library very diverse but also oriented on : nature, gardens, ecology…
If you come, if you still have some space and want contribute we will be happy.

Exchanges and wwoof
Why ?

  • Have a lively place all around the year
  • Develop and maintain the gardens throughout the year.
  • Help  people with few money and share.

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