How to come to Azores

By plane : coming to Sao Miguel island, Ponta Delgada airport

Portuguese companies wich serve the azores are TAP and SATA.

  • Directs flights from many European cities,
  • If you specify flexible dates you will have all the prices for a period. However be very careful with schedule, sometime it is better to pay a little more and and have a good hourly, rather than to pay hotel, taxi or spend a night at the airport !
  • There is always the lowcost, but in case of delay the ticket is lost.

After many experiences, we are flying with TAP (especially from France).

Easyjet should stop at Azores early 2014.

  • From Belgium direct charter line is open, from the beginning of 2012 with JETAIR.
  • From Germany there are also direct flights with Air Berlin.
  • There are also direct flights from England, Canada…

By boat

Come to Azores sailing or cargo, a dream for many but unfortunately rather inaccessible.

The transatlantic sailing towards America going lower because of the trade winds and stops more readily Canary before the big crossing. Only a few madmen venture there. By cons, if you’re in the Caribbean from April you will surely find a boat to take you to the Azores.

Cargo is the same struggle, you must find a cargo that accepts, then comes the question of price … No specialized tour operator offers this destination yet.

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