Our services

Meals also available

Principally using organic products from our garden, local produce and fresh fish.

Our garden is rich in numerous healthy plants, we create salads with more than twenty        cultivated and wild plants.

We can also create typical local dishes on demand, ”cozido das caldeiras”, “feijoadas”,       “caldeiradas”.

Breakfast 5€, Dinner 12€, Vegetarian option 8€.

Healthy diet

While staying with us you can follow a healthy but simple lifestyle routine, including: bathing in thermal baths around the island, walking trails to suit your ability, massages and a complete immersion in nature with powerful energies.


  • Quinta da lua: Our garden is rich with flora and fauna including more than 300 plants,we attempt to work closely with nature.

You can discover and learn from our garden.

  • Recycled and vegetal paper workshop: We create vegetal paper particularly those made of banana fiber and “conteira” invasive plant fibers

Beginners workshops available during certain periods.

Other services

  • Leaflets and booklets about The Azores
  • Specific documentation and resources about Sao Miguel
  • Walking trail itineraries
  • Excursion program
  • Calendar for Fiestas and cultural events
  • We have a deep knowledge of the island and we are able to provide advice depending on your points of interests
  • Other services at home: Telephone, internet, library and games…